Read protobuf messages in Nodejs / JavaScript

I have a SQLite database that stores serialized protobuf messages. I need an easy way to look at what’s in these messages. Reading the protobuf messages with JavaScript seems a good choice for me because I can see everything in JSON.

Here is how to read a protobuf message in JavaScript and display as JSON:

ProtoBuf = require('protobufjs');
sqlite3 = require('sqlite3').verbose();

// Read the proto file
var builder = ProtoBuf.loadProtoFile("/path/to.proto");
JS ="my_proto_package");

// Open SQLite database, since that's where my protobuf messages are stored
var db = new sqlite3.Database('my_sqlite.db');
db.each("SELECT proto as p FROM tbl LIMIT 100", function(err, row){
	var msg = JS.MyMessage.decode(row.p);

row.p is just a buffer. So if you have the protobuf message in a file, you can do this instead:

fs.readFile("file", function(err, data){

Do see the ProtoBuf.js example, it is very helpful:


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