Questrade.js updated with example

I am a believer of the couch potato investment strategy: choose asset allocation and stick to it and periodically rebalance. I am managing my accounts and also my wife’s accounts: there are going to be 7 accounts in total (2x RRSP, TFSA,non-registered accounts, plus one spousal RRSP). I am treating the accounts as one family portfolio. Rebalancing is going to be painful and I am not going to do it unless it is easy! Hence I updated my Questrade API nodejs wrapper to include a simple script to list position of all the accounts. For example:

AVO.TO 2996 200 14.98
VIU.TO 13769.2 580 23.74
VXC.TO 8625 300 28.75

See example/portfolio_checker for code.

This is the first step in rebalancing my family’s portfolio. The next step is to take target asset allocation percentages as input and then actually calculate how much to buy and sell each stock.



3 thoughts on “Questrade.js updated with example

  1. TuxGurl says:

    Hi. Were you able to take this any further? I am quite interested in a script to rebalance or even auto-balance a couch potato portfolio.


    • Yes, I ended up implementing the part that calculates the dollar amount / shares to buy/sell to rebalance the portfolio. However I did not implement the part that execute trades on my behalf.


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